Digital Marketing Solutions

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Digital Marketing Solutions

We specialize in

Strategy & Analysis

In terms of Internet marketing, EGI Consulting recognizes the importance of SEO to your business. We work hard to effectively optimize your site, properly editing content and targeting a variety of keywords specific to your business and industry at large, to propel your business upward in search engine results and visibility. EGI Consulting has a proven process in place to enact an SEO marketing plan for your site.

  • Keywords: Identify the keywords in which the client would like to focus
  • Top Pages: Identify the top five pages in which you would like traffic to be directed
  • Top Competitors: Identify your top five industry competitors
  • Master List: Create a master list of keywords from an array of resources
  • Competitor Keywords: Research of competitor keywords
  • Final List: Narrow the list down to a couple of dozen & focus on those to put together a master list

What is SEO?

“Search engine optimization is the process by which Web traffic can be improved through natural search results. The higher up a site is in the search engine results, the more visitors it will receive via the search engine. SEO targets a variety of different searches, including content, image, local and industry-specific searches.”

SEO & Market Place

“SEO is what provides a given Web site with its overall Web presence and can be one of the most important components of the Web-based portion of your business.”

Search Engine Optimization

“Listen! Do you hear that? It’s hard to hear isn’t it? You know… that small voice… in the back of the room… standing on tip-toe… trying to peer over a crowded room… hoping that the microphone will one day come their way… and finally they can be heard!

Let EGI help get you to the front of the room! Our team of experts will provide a refreshing and new look at your Purpose, Plan, Philosophy, and Objectives evaluating their alignment with your Message, Market, and Methods.

We customize a Digital Marketing (SEM) Assessment and Action Plan that evaluates your current position and sets the foundation for growing your business. This strategy will map out a specific plan of attack to ensure optimal results for your digital marketing needs.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

EGI Consulting has put together a PPC package that can ensure your business has increased online revenue and overall success. We will develop, implement and fully manage a success PPC campaign that is based on your business and industry as a whole. We will make sure that the campaign is successful from inception to completion and includes performance monitoring and maintenance.

Your EGI Consulting PPC advertising package includes…

  • Business objective alignment: EGI will take the time to cultivate a PPC campaign that is in direct correlation with your core business values.
  • PPC venue assessment: We will determine a plan that will lay out the most cost-effective method for using PPC programs and the best way to implement them into your current business strategy.
  • Keyword analysis and selection: We will do an in-depth keyword analysis and come up with a list of the most effective keywords to utilize in your campaign.
  • Competition bid analysis: We do an analysis of the competition’s keywords, ensuring that yours are more effective — in terms of both cost and results.
  • Ad listing copywriting: We will write and maintain copy that will make your ads jump right off the page and into the faces of prospective customers.
  • Landing page optimization: We will take a look at your site’s landing pages and then optimize them to increase your rate of conversion.

Social Media Integration

Increase Value Through Social Media

EGI can help you develop a social media strategy creating a value chain that enriches the brand and business growth. Social media integration ensures that genuine interest is sparked by real people around your brand. Building a community of repeat customers will help your brand gain in social finance and create a credible social name among consumers in general.

Integrate Social Media and your Website

Whether it’s social media for small business or a large B2B social media marketing campaign, We can help you integrate social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to your website. This allows you to share content and help to spread the word about promotions across all social media platforms. Social media integration is the stuff that successful social media marketing campaigns are made of!

Using the social media platforms that are right for a business can have a positive effect on traffic for their website. Installing sharing tools will allow a visitor to share what they’re reading with others via social networking.

“Not only is social media promotion the fastest way to spread a brand’s message but it also gives the customers a voice”

Corporate Identity

“Corporate identity has become an important tool for the promotion of corporate culture in companies.”

Strengthen and Communicate Your Brand

EGI can partner with you to plan and implement your Corporate identity. We can work with you to create a targeted strategy for effectively articulating your brand and defining your position in the market.

Develop and Build Your Brand

Corporate identities can be in the form of logos, trademarks, etc. subjected to proper designing. This includes the color palettes, page layouts, type faces and other such methods that identify the corporation in the market.

By appropriately using interactive, print, email, search engine marketing, and other media, we can collaborate with your team to craft a cohesive strategy for your overall marketing effort.

“Corporate Identity is the image used by a company which is designed to portray the company’s identity, aims and objectives. Corporate identity is demonstrated by branding and trademarks. Corporate identities were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations. This philosophy is manifested in a distinct corporate culture.”