Business Process Management


Business process management is the systematic way of examining whether software development or business activities are moving in a prosperous direction to ensure success or not. The project manager ensures that all the stakeholders are working well on their associated tasks and reduce miscommunication.


EGI Consulting is one of the leading BPM consultancy firms that help organizations to improve their process management capabilities and enhance their overall success rate. EGI Consulting’s business process management consultancy services include all the guidance related to tools, technologies, SDLC methodologies, and business requirements or needs. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the latest trends that can help the firms in all the phases of business process management. We provide consultancy in all the phases of business process management.

The phases of Business Process Management are:

  • Initial Phase / Planning Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Controlling Phase
  • Maintaining Phase
  • Optimizing Phase

Our Consultancy services include:

  • Assessment of the firm that is going to use business process management.
  • Analyzing its pros and cons.
  • Determine the scope of the business process management project.
  • Develop a project plan for implementation and minimizing risk probability.
  • Initiate the implementation process using accurate tools and technologies.
  • Monitor and control the processes and ensure that things are going in the right direction.
  • Ensure the reliability of the project even after its completion.

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