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Cloud computing is all about storing and accessing data, and applications over the internet instead of deploying them in your personal computer or any hardware storage. It allows us the online access to computer services and resources. These resources include servers, databases, networks and software. Instead of storing your data on hard drive or local storage cloud computing allows us to store them on a remote database. Cloud computing helps small and large scale businesses in a number of ways such as it increases the productivity, decrease cost, provide efficiency and security, increase speed and performance.


EGI Consulting provides its customers, one of the best cloud application development and computing services. Our experts are well aware of all the tools used in cloud computing or development and provide complete cloud services. We will create your cloud software from scratch, deploy it to the cloud and offer maintenance services. These services are brought you by our highly qualified, experienced and skilled professionals. We leverage latest trends of technology to direct you through each progression of cloud computing and development. Our services include:

  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Application Migration
  • Cloud Application Deployment
  • Cloud Application Integration


Through EGI Consulting cloud development and computing services, you can be benefited in several ways.

  • It will save your cost which is the main advantage of cloud computing
  • You can have your applications on virtual storage and you can access them form wherever you can
  • Promotes the agility
  • Provides backup and restoration
  • Reliability
  • Mobility
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Cost-effective

Contact us at any stage of your project life cycle and our cloud computing experts will quickly uplift your virtues!

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