Why Organic Digital Marketing Isn’t Dead and How to Integrate It Into Your Strategy

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The focus of digital marketing is to reach out to the maximum number of viewers possible for your website or blogs or social media profiles, and then get as many number of conversions from those visitors. When you are designing your digital marketing strategy, you do have the option of going in for paid marketing. These do have their advantages for quick results, but they work more for an initial burst of visibility and not for sustained revenue streams. For your business enterprise to hit pay dirt on a regular basis, you need to have an organic digital marketing strategy in place.

Just like we have organic fruits and vegetables which are grown naturally without adding any synthetic additives like fertilizers or other chemicals, digital marketing also thrives much better when the traffic or the visitor base comes to it naturally on the basis of its own qualities. This is the best way to get traction on the elements of your digital marketing strategy, and it helps to bring in better revenue streams. Unlike what many people think, organic digital marketing isn’t dead and there are many ways to integrate it into your strategy. Let us look at a few ways this can be done.

The basic thing to remember is that having a great product or flawless services is not enough. Every element of the digital marketing you do must have great content. This should provide all required information about your products and/or services, including how the prospective customer can buy them. The website or blog that you use should also contain general information about related topics, even though they might not be about your products or services specifically. To get more people to buy from you, you need more people to visit your website or more people to read your blog. But to get them to do that, you must first provide them with interesting content that attracts them. Since you are aiming for organic traffic, you have to keep your content interesting and relevant at all times.

The days of keyword stuffing is long gone. Conversely, if you indulge in any black hat SEO techniques for your website, you are liable to be penalized by search engines like Google. If at all you need to optimize your website or your blog, use good quality and unique content to do it. Talk about your own products and services, and add blogs that actually add value to the visitor and can convert him or her into a customer. If you are blogging, then keep the language crisp and simple. And yes, it must be unique.

Your digital content is very likely to be browsed on someone’s smartphone. That needs you to take care of three things. First, the content on your website or blog must be responsive, and have short sentences and more paragraphs. There should be bullets or numbered points wherever possible, instead of long paragraphs of text. In the absence of a responsive website or blog, you might get many visitors but they might not stick, forget giving you revenue. That is why all aspects of your digital marketing strategy, whether websites or blogs, must be suitable for use in mobile phones.

There are so many people on the internet today, and so many people vying for their attention, that a one-size-fits-all policy just won’t work. A high degree of segmentation is needed for all elements of your digital marketing efforts. This will ensure that the messaging you want to convey will reach the correct people. There are a number of free tools available which can help you segment the visitors on your website. Also, you can get insights on the movement and activity of visitors when they are on your website, which would help you segment them better.

Your organic digital marketing strategy will not take off into success without the help of social media. A huge number of people spend a large part of their day on some or the other social media platform today. If you are not incorporating social media into your strategy, then you stand to lose out on a lot of this traffic. Also, social media ties in very well with the organic route for promotions because it has a cascading effect on the visitors. So as soon as any of your marketing posts on a particular social media platform goes viral, it helps pull people to your website and blog as well.

If you are gunning for organic growth of your followers or visitors or subscribers, then a very important segment you must focus attention on are the influencers. They are people who have developed a certain expertise in a particular niche and whose opinion is widely respected in that niche. For example there are some food bloggers, travel photographers, technical writers who have picked up a good following in that particular area. Your digital marketing strategy cannot afford to ignore the influencers in your niche. For this, you need to be actively engaging with them on their web content and social media profiles, and encourage them to do the same to you. Their proximity to you will rub off on the respect that you garner.

Many digital marketers are now moving towards Digital PR. It is especially useful for startup companies and small / mid size companies. It helps place the messaging of the company in the correct platform and forum where it would give the best benefits and ROI.  It helps a digital marketer to identify the right niches where the messaging would bring the best returns. You can use your Digital PR to become part of different communities which are relevant to the business segment you are part of.

These are just a few simple ways to breathe new life into your digital marketing efforts organically so that the gains obtained are more long-lasting. If you can incorporate these steps into your overall strategy, then you will not need any other outside help like paying for responses to your content.