Why Consult A Digital Marketing Agency When You Can Do It Yourself?

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When we hire a person to carry out repairs on the walls of our garage, we wonder later if we could have done a better job of it. When we hire a person to mow our lawns, we later wish we had done it ourselves to get some much-needed exercise and also save some money. For every service that we pay for, we are left with a nagging feeling that we could have done a better job ourselves and also saved some money. When we are starting off our new company, the same kind of thoughts come to us. We feel like doing everything ourselves, not only because we believe we can do it better ourselves, but also because there is the overriding desire to save money.

Digital marketing is one such example. On the face of it, digital marketing looks to be a pretty simple activity, especially for a new small company. That is why the owner of the company often wonders why he or she should consult a digital marketing agency when he or she can do it by themselves. But the reality is slightly different. Even for a small company, digital marketing involves several specific activities which would give better results if done by someone who knows how to go about it. DIY might save some money, but in the long run, the quality of work that a professional can provide is much better, and would, therefore, give much better results as well. Let us look at some of the benefits of allowing a professional agency to handle your digital marketing strategy so that you can be assured that trying to do it by yourself is not such a bright idea.

The Tools of War: You might think that digital marketing involves only sending some emails, making regular posts on your social media accounts, posting a blog once in a while or making updates to your website. But digital marketing involves many tools which help you do a much better job of the above activities, and also several tools which help you do more than the above list. For example, there are several automated email tools which can help you shoot emails on predesignated dates. Professional digital marketing experts also have a number of tools which help in carry out analytics of the traffic on websites or blogs, or the engagement on social media profiles.
Scaling Up: When you start off your business, you would be doing everything related to the business, including digital marketing. As your business expands, you might have around 4-5 employees, one of whom might be also helping out with your digital marketing efforts. Gradually, the digital marketing will require so much effort that you might delegate the work completely to one of the 15-20 employees. But beyond that, you will need to actually hire a digital marketing team. All this will take a toll of your energy and time. That is why it is a much better idea to hire an agency from the outset and not have to worry about what happens when the business grows.

The Big Picture: As a business owner you would be more concerned about the high-level view of the business. You would want to spend most of your time and effort in growing the business with the help of your business development efforts or the efforts put into increasing the vendor and business partner ecosystem. Digital marketing is itself an activity which requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise, which would impinge on the bandwidth of the business owner and not allow you to look at only the big picture. It is a much better idea to hand over the responsibility to a digital marketing agency and trust them to look after the finer details.

Technical Fine Print: There are a number of technical details that go into the making of a successful digital marketing campaign. You need to worry about the user experience, the search engine optimization, the right proportion of backlinks and many other such technicalities which would help your digital marketing efforts gain more traction. But as a business owner you would have neither the time nor the bandwidth to teach yourself all these technicalities. The agencies have different subject matter experts for each of these different aspects of digital marketing, who can take care of the details for you.

Cost – One of the biggest myths stated in favor of not hiring a digital marketing agency is that the hiring of an agency is a costly affair. The reality is quite different. Professional digital marketing agencies can provide an ROI (return on investment) many times greater than the money you spent on them. On the other hand, you might save the initial costs by not hiring an agency and doing it yourself, but the returns you get will also be proportionately lower.

Pulse of Industry: When a digital marketing agency handles your work, the promotional content and activities would be handled by people who are doing the same thing for several other companies cutting across sectors and geographies. That is why they would be aware of the latest trends in digital marketing. If you handle it yourself, on the other hand, you would be more concerned with running your company profitably first, and would not be able to provide yourself the best-in-class digital marketing.

Tracking Revenue: All digital marketing efforts have one goal, which is to ensure that the efforts bring in increased revenue to your company. As a business owner, you would be looking at the overall financial performance of the company only. If you handle your digital marketing yourself, you would be able to see only the high-level view of which way your revenues are moving. But a digital marketing agency would be able to tell you which of the efforts brought in how much of additional revenue. This will help you understand the efficacy, or otherwise, of every individual aspect of all your digital marketing efforts.